What To Expect
The Listening Program® can improve your brain performance with real, lasting changes helping you to enjoy a better life.
Listening fits easily into your daily routine. It becomes a healthy habit, something you do as effortlessly as eating breakfast, but with life changing benefits.
All you need to do is put on a pair of high quality headphones or our Waves™ multi sensory audio system and enjoy listening to your personalized program of evidence-based music sound tracks for 9 to 30 minutes per session 5 days a week. A typical program is completed in 20 to 40 weeks. Most people will benefit from continued use.
Your TLP Provider
Your trained TLP provider will be there with you at every step to serve as your coach, helping you get the most from your listening. They will provide consultation including; program and audio equipment selection, establishing your listening schedule, training, monitoring, measuring progress, making schedule adjustments, and providing tips and tools to ensure your success. If you are not already working with a TLP provider, we will help you find one that is right for you.
Listener Groups
The Listening Program offers listening training adapted to the needs to each individual. This personalization begins with identifying your listener group; the category that best describes your reason for using The Listening Program® at this point in time.
Which group best describe your motivation for listening? The answer will help you and provider select the TLP product(s) best suited to your needs.
LEARNING Support for attention, scholastic and study skills.
COMMUNICATION Support for listening, language, voice, speech, and communication skills.
INTERVENTION Support for therapeutic, rehabilitative, neurodevelopmental, and sensory needs.
WELLNESS Support for a healthy life balance of mind, body, emotion, and spirit.
PERFORMANCE Support for achieving higher states of physical, mental, musical, and creative ability.
Training Types
Core training begins with a listening program ideally matched to your listener type, to help you reach and sustain your brain performance goals. As you progress your listening training will grow with you, becoming more refined as you attain higher levels of sound brain fitness. Core programs are offered at foundational, intermediate and experienced levels and include our SPECTRUM, ACHIEVE, and LEVEL ONE series.
Specialized training is available with series developed to focus on specific needs. These programs can be done individually or in combination with your Core listening. These include SLEEP and inTime.
Choose is a TLP Product that is right for you.
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"It's amazing how 'back on track' I am since I have been listening more regularly! I was seriously spacey for a few days there... I love TLP! I honesty crave my daily listening!"
~Robyn Drothler
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