Get the most from your listening with Waves™, the multi-sensory audio system optimized for The Listening Program. Waves enhances the delivery of SPECTRUM, ACHIEVE, LEVEL ONE and inTime by using the two natural modes of hearing—through your ears (air conduction) and through your head (bone conduction)— offering a deeper, more immersive listening experience than conventional headphones can provide. Not only does the Waves system make your daily listening more enjoyable, it accelerates and expands the benefits of your listening practice!
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SleepPhones® - soft, comfortable, noise-blocking, sleep-safe headphones. The SleepPhones headphones are all about helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. That means no more sleepless nights due to partner snoring or other distractions.
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Quality headphones and audio equipment are essential in transferring the full benefit of the high definition audio files produced by ABT.
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