Frequency Zones

Zone Music Frequency Focus Feels
Blue Low, Middle, High Balanced
Red Middle, High Energized
Orange Middle Focused
Green Low Grounded

You are touched by sound vibrations at every moment. And certain sounds, provided in the right context can organize your neural activity, support your health, balance emotions, bring calm, and provide energy to carry you through your day.

Your brain mirrors what it perceives, changing in response to its experiences. The Listening Program® trains your brain through the experience of listening to modules of specially recorded music, which is acoustically-modified and arranged into frequency zones.

These zones are mapped to brain regions which respond to different properties of sound according to the vibratory frequency, just as the keys on a piano are tuned to play different musical notes. This mapping is referred to as tonotopicity.

Four training zones provide music which progresses across the full range of human sound perception. These are labeled; blue, red, orange and green. Each zone focuses on a different band of sound frequencies which have qualities that individually and collectively contribute to your brain health and performance. Within each zone you progress through different types of training, rated by level. Higher levels of training are presented as you gain listening experience.