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TAVS Provider Certification Course
Thursday, July 23rd, Executive 100 Room

9:00am-5:00pm - Pre Conference

Learn from TAVS co-developer Alan Heath in this comprehensive course for professionals to become qualified in the administration of the Test of Auditory and Visual Skills (TAVS). You will acquire the knowledge you need to begin using this exciting tool for screening auditory and visual processing. Upon successful completion of this course, learners are authorized to administer TAVS, a versatile diagnostic screening for ages 5 and older which is ideal for use with The Listening Program, inTime, and other interventions. *A TAVS System is required to attend the certification course. If you already have a system please bring it. If not, you may purchase one for $395 which will be provided to you the morning of the course.
inTime Workshop
July 25th, Meeting Room 201


Sheila Allen, MA, OTR, Pediatric Therapeutics
"Moving inTime: Beat and Rhythm Activities"

Open to all inTime trained providers, those currently in process of training, or who have registered for the inTime provider course following the conference on July 26th.
*Pre-Registration Required

TLP Conference 2015
Friday, July 24th, Grand Ballroom

KEYNOTE Seth Horowitz, PhD, Neuropop View Bio
"The Neuroscience of Listening"
Dr. Seth Horowitz, NASA, NIH, and NSF funded neuroscientist and author of The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind will take us on a journey through the latest neuroscience of interaction between hearing and attention.

Book Signing, Product Demonstrations
Seth Horowitz, Jay Lucker, Mary Padula, Jill Stowell

Jay Lucker, EdD, CCC-A/SLP, FAAA, Howard University View Bio
"How Does The Listening Program Help with Auditory Processing Disorders"
Associate professor Dr. Jay Lucker presents an overview of auditory processing disorder, and what specific areas of APD are found to improve after completion of The Listening Program®. Research evidence will be presented.

Alan Heath, BSc (Hons) Psych, Learning Solutions View Bio
"Understanding TAVS - The Test of Auditory and Visual Skills"
TAVS co-developer Alan Heath explains the practical applications of the first dedicated screening tool to objectively measure change in The Listening Program® and inTime™. Case studies will be included.

Lunch, Poster Presentations, Product Demonstrations
Lunch will be served in the Lounge.
Poster presentations by Lori Riggs, Olga Georgieva, Sadako Vargus, Mary Padula & Padraigin O'Flynn

Max Lugavere, Filmmaker/Media Personality View Bio
"Why 20- and 30-Somethings Need to Get Serious About Brain Health"
Lugavere explains why millennials need to get serious about brain health, and how they might go about doing so. He is the driving force behind the upcoming documentary BREAD HEAD about dementia prevention.

Mary L. Padula, MA, CCC-SLP, Paddy O'Flynn, LMT, CST, Person Centered Therapies, Inc.
Mary Bio   Paddy Bio
"Pairing TLP Level One Bone Conduction with Cranio-Sacral Therapy: Guidelines for Practice"
15 year veteran TLP certified provider and author Mary Padula, along with LMT/CST Paddy O'Flynn present methods for combining TLP LEVEL ONE BC with Cranio-Sacral Therapy. Results of 16 cases of children will diagnoses of ASD, dyspraxia, or a specific genetic disorder will be shared.


Jill Stowell, MS Ed, Stowell Learning Centers, Inc., View Bio
"Practical Strategies for Implementing TLP Online and inTime"
Educator, author and founder/director of Stowell Learning Centers, Inc. Jill Stowell provides successful strategies for parents, staff and listeners implementing The Listening Program® Online and inTime™, including the pairing of the programs.

Gaby Urdiales, MEd, SONICA View Bio
"Cristy: Case Study CAPD, Struggling Reader, Advances with TLP ACHIEVE"
TLP and inTime™ representative for Mexico and director of SONICA Gaby Urdiales presents the case of Cristy, a 7 year old struggling reader with auditory processing problems and the results of her listening to TLP ACHIEVE in home.


Sharon Wilcox, MA, CCC, Private Practice View Bio
"Baby Boomer Successes on The Listening Program and inTime"
Speech pathologist Sharon Wilcox explores the application and results of using both The Listening Program® and inTime™ with 3 male Baby Boomers, the first felt he was losing his mental edge, the second suffered 2 strokes, and the third had a mild cerebral vascular accident.

Cathy Jo Hendricks, OMD, Center 4 Creative Recovery View Bio
"TLP and my Journey of Recovery"
Acupuncturist and TLP provider Cathy Jo Hendricks shares her inspiring story of recovery from post stroke aphasia using The Listening Program® after the many physical healing modalities at her disposal, while helpful, were unsuccessful.

TLP Conference 2015
Saturday, July 25th, Grand Ballroom

Siegfried Othmer, PhD, Roxana Sasu, MD, RN, EEG Institute Siegfried Bio   Roxana Bio
"Speaking of Frequency: The Spectrum, The Whole Spectrum, and Nothing but the Spectrum"
Author, physicist, and EEG neurofeedback pioneer Dr. Siegfried Othmer, and certified neurofeedback clinician Roxana Sasu share how low-frequency neurofeedback can augment the higher-frequency auditory training of TLP for children with wide ranging issues related to brain function.

Alex Doman, Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT) View Bio
"The Future is Now: The Promise of TLP Online"
Bestselling co-author of Healing at the Speed of Sound® and Founder/CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies Alex Doman shares why ABT continues pushing the envelope to make access to music listening therapy universally available and how The Listening Program Online brings this vision to reality.

Book Signing, Product Demonstrations
Siegfried Othmer, Alex Doman, Tracey Butler

Sheila Allen, MA, OTR Pediatric Therapeutics View Bio
"Rhythm Environment: Temporal Structure in Our Lives and inTime"
Occupational therapist and inTime co-producer Sheila Allen presents a workshop that introduces the concept of rhythm environment. Explore music, specifically inTime as a rhythm environment in and of itself, and in combination with existing environments.

Lunch, Product Demonstrations
Lunch will be served in the Lounge.

Oleg Efimov, MD, Victoria Efimov, PhD, Logoprognoz Center Oleg Bio   Victoria Bio
"inTime as Part of the Neurodynamic Program of the Logoprognoz Center"
Renowned pediatric neurologist Dr. Oleg Efimov and speech pathologist and special educator Dr. Victoria Efimov share results from their study with 36 children with developmental disorders using inTime as part of a neurodynamic program in St. Petersburg, Russia. Included are findings from auditory brainstem response (ABR), cerebellar examination, and examination of the cognitive function P-300.

Erin Matlock, Brain Summit View Bio
"Authentic Marketing in a Digital World"
Social entrepreneur, mental health advocate, and founder of Brain Summit, Erin Matlock helps providers embrace digital marketing and shares how to create a digital footprint that naturally attracts the right clients to you, so you become the natural choice for their needs.


Allison Tanner, MS, CCC-SLP, Primary Children's Hospital, ABT View Bio
"Best Practices for Online Telecoaching"
Speech and language pathologist Allison Tanner presents a model of best practices for online telecoaching for The Listening Program following a 3 year pilot program with Advanced Brain Technologies. Client case stories will be shared.

Tracey Butler, Links to Learning View Bio
"Never has a friend, that friend is Neuroplasticity"
TLP and inTime representative for Australia and director of Links to Learning, Tracey Butler presents the case of a 17 yr old girl with a catastrophic open head TBI. Learn how listening with TLP SPECTRUM and other tools from ABT including inTime opened the door from a time when she was unresponsive with a medical team ready to turn her off life support to where the unwavering faith of her parents, and her spirit has brought her to today.

Marival Gutierrez, Raquel Garza, Centro Regiomontano de Educación Especial, A. C.
Bio Coming
"Preliminary Results of the Research inTime in Brain Injured Students at CREEAC"
Former Directora General Marival Guitierrez and Directora Pedagogica Raquel Garza of CREEAC, the oldest institution for brain injured children in Mexico present preliminary results of a study comparing the impact of The Listening Program and inTime in 70 brain injured students; and 18 typically developing children ages 24-55 months using quantitative methodology.

Alex Doman, Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT) View Bio
"Closing Remarks"

VIP Reception
Saturday July 25th at 6:30-7:45pm

Held in the Ogden Eccles Conference Center Lounge

Nacho Arimany in Concert
Saturday, July 25th at 8:00-9:15pm

Peery's Egyptian Theater, You're Our Guest!

VIP Reception & Concert are included in your conference registration.
inTime Provider Course
Sunday, July 26th, Executive 100 Room

9:00am-5:30pm - Post Conference

inTime is a rhythm-based music listening method incorporating original compositions of world music, fun movement activities using body, drum, and voice to help children and adults keep their beat, and flow with the rhythms of daily life. Upon successful completion of this course, learners are authorized to offer inTime, the revolutionary new rhythm-based music listening method, and the Waves multi-sensory audio system (bone conduction).
*Pre-Registration Required
List of Events

  • Thu, July 23rd - TAVS Provider Certification Course
  • Fri-Sat, July 24-25th - The Listening Program Conference 2015
  • Sat Morning, July 25th - Morning Workshop with Sheila Allen
  • Sat 8:00pm, July 25th - Nacho Arimany in Concert
  • Sun, July 26th - inTime Provider Course

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